Spot The Pub 20


Following advice made by someone who OCCASIONALLY looks at my posts – the advice being  – ” Know your audience; They like their BEER ” . I have had to pay a visit to another pub to test the beer ( and pub grub). This is a pub we have visited a couple of times – it is a Marstons pub (soulless and lacking atmosphere) , but Mrs W likes the food, and I have to test the beer


Not much choice – I don’t mind Cumberland , but I think I should try the White Wych as it’s a “seasonal ” drink, and not always available. It is a blonde beer, which seems to be the fashionable type of beer at the minute, – but I’m not the greatest fan of blonde beer – I will drink it under sufferance.

White Wych
White Wych

Having said that I am not a blonde beer fan, this was acceptable, – I have drunk worse beer than this , yes I have suffered for my spot the pub posts !


yes that is Mrs W,  opposite eating something  healthy, and this is my plate – leaving something healthy, to leave room for my malted barley and hops. Now I’m not going to have a go at Marstons Pubs, I’m saving that for a later post, so lets just look around the pub.

Inside - different view
Inside – different view


You see – just like hundreds of Marstons  pubs,  – no don’t start me, that’s for a later post.


The next picture is for The Weatherhill Beerhunter who likes a Mural – I don’t know if it is a clue because I was in the pub , but it wouldn’t help me.


The Mural

Over to You 🙂

Named by “The southern fairy ” – but wrong location

Little Owl    Chester
Little Owl Chester
Typical Marston's  Building
Typical Marston’s Building



15 comments on “Spot The Pub 20

  1. The Yorkshire Rose was my first thought as well. Is it the Silver Birch at Cleckheaton?

  2. It is sad that the owners don’t try to create some atmosphere. You are a brave soul to venture on under such adversity… 😉

    • Clue – NOT in god’s own county, and I would guess that you have not been there, and I will probably not be visiting in the near future again, – just chance we called a second time
      . Work it out. There is a remark in there that seems innocent – but could lead you to the answer

  3. So what was the “remark in there that seems innocent”? Presumably about Irlsey visiting twice? I picked up on that and tried to look for Marston’s pubs in Chester. Can’t believe I missed it! Well that’s several hours of my life I won’t get back. 😦

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