Wilkinsons Brickworks Blackley

Fire damaged

The remaining buildings of Wilkinsons Brickworks in Blackley ( between Elland and Huddersfield) were demolished in the summer of 2013. In fairness they had become very dilapidated, and had been set on fire a couple of times, and in a dangerous state. Shown on a map from 1907 as a “Brickworks” shows that it has stood here for over one hundred years. and closing in 1985 means it was providing work for people for over 80 years. I have on a couple of occasions taken pictures of the brickworks (I even have some 35mm slides probably from the late 1980s which one day I will somehow get into a digital format to use). Here are a few before and after Shots

Picture taken in 2010

From Old lindley Road
From Old Lindley Road

Picture taken  September 2013

Picture taken 2010 – trying to retrieve lost images

Picture taken 2010  ditto

Picture taken 2010  ditto

Fire damaged
Fire damaged

Picture taken 2010  (Pictures lost – trying to retrieve)


Now lets see it now (picture lost trying to retrieve)


Real Irony
Real Irony(Picture lost – trying to retrieve)


Not surprisingly very few Wilkinson bricks were to be seen amongst the rubble as they would have only been available after the place was built so I guess these were from later additions  to the building

As a youth a half brick was called a “half Wilky” now thats a blast from the past !

Well not the only ( or best ) blog on Wilkinsons  – but the latest one anyway.

It is my intention at some point to cover the Blackley area again looking at the old smallpox hospital,  t’chapel Cricket club and of course the Ale house (Golden Fleece)


Reading my blogs you may find that beer has a role to play in my life so here starts my monthly quiz

Having deleted some images when sorting out my image library  I have decided to add previously unpublished pictures that I managed to retrieve – dads 167dads 173

dads 168dads 174




5 comments on “Wilkinsons Brickworks Blackley

  1. Hi , my dad worked at the brick works until he died in 1978 he wa the grandson of Fred , it held memories for me , thank you for the photos

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